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Short Doc Demo Reel

Here's a sampling of the flavors of commercial short docs I've been making at the ol'e Kino-Eye. I love telling stories this way. It's my jam.

Speak Responsibly Episode III "Midget On My Back"

Produced by Kobe Bryant's production co. Animation by Power House. Edited, color graded, and finished by Stephen Bohls

Kino-Eye POST Spot Reel

Dolphins, polar bears, and guitars. Oh my! All edited by Stephen Bohls

Sea Cuisine "Andre"  

Written by Chris Davis and art directed by Noah Davis of the Swizzle Collective. Directed by Ed St. Giles for The Sweet Shop. Agency - GW Hoffman. Music by Justin Tapp, formerly of Tequila Mockingbird. Color and Compositing by Nick Smith at Finland Finish. Mixing and Sound Design by Marty Lester at Everywhere Audio.  Editorial - Offline and Online by Stephen Bohls

Eric Church "Over When It's Over"

A track from Eric's new live album, "Caught In the Act." Offline and online editorial, as well as visual FX and colour grading by Stephen Bohls

A student's point of view of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. There is so much to discover and learn in the airy space of the museum. Edited by Stephen Bohls

iT House - The Idea

A beautiful and ultra high efficiency house in the desert environs of Joshoua Tree is profiled in this piece for The Pursuit of Perfect Air, by Lennox. Motion graphics by Josh Johnson. Editorial - Offline and Online by Stephen Bohls

W Austin

Cinematography by Mark Knight Photography. Edited by Stephen Bohls

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